Cherry-Berry Clafoutis (French Fruit Custard)

Hello lovelies!

Today’s recipe is a delicious and relatively healthy (=not too indulgent!) french dessert called “Clafoutis“. Clafoutis’ are basically baked custard which are loaded with fruit, traditionally black cherries, but you can also use peaches, berries or whatever your heart desires! This will be just as delicious with pears,cranberries or even pineapples! 😀

Clafoutis originated from the Limousin region of France. The word “Clafoutis” has its roots in a word meaning “to fill up” (the custard with cherries).  They say the traditional cherry clafoutis is made with unpitted cherries, because having the stones gives more flavour to the clafoutis.

LimousinLimousin, France

You can have this dish as dessert or with afternoon tea/coffee. It tastes amazing when served warm (maybe with a scoop of ice cream if you’re indulging yourself!). I made it with a mixture of fresh boysenberries and sour (morello) cherries that I had just picked from a beautiful farm in Silvan, Vitoria, Australia, as you see below 🙂


IMG_2327Blue Hill Cherry and Berry Farm in Silvan, Victoria, Australia

Here’s the recipe, hope you enjoy this as much as I did ❤  (And as always, some music to cook along too!)



100g plain flour
75 g caster sugar
4 eggs
300 ml milk
3 tablespoons Cherry Port (or brandy or Kirsch)
1 teaspoon vanilla Extract (or 1 fresh vanilla bean)
Icing sugar, to dust on top
Pinch of salt
Light olive oil (or butter), for greasing


  1. Place the  sour cherries and berries in a bowl, then add 2 tablespoons caster sugar and the liquor. Mix well, then let sit for 30 minuets.


2. Drain the cherries and berries (berries not pictured :D). Do not discard the sugar-liquor mixture.


3. Add the eggs and vanilla to the sugar-liquor mixture. Then beat until well combined.


4. Add the remaining sugar and salt, and beat again until dissolved.


5. Add the flour (preferably sifted) to the bowl and mix.


6. Add milk, and stir to combine.


7. Grease your preferred pan.


8. Arrange the berries on the bottom of your pan.Then top with sour cherries. No specific pattern is required!



9. Pour over the liquid mixture gently, being careful not to move around the cherries and berries too much.


10. Bake in oven at 200 C for 35-45 minutes, until top is golden and centre is firm. Let cool on a rack, then dust with icing sugar. You can serve this at room temperature or warm with a scoop of ice-cream or cream. Enjoy!!~~~~~

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